Keep your parents and teachers connected

Communication between school and home has never been more important. Parents need to know what to do, and when. Teachers need new tools to deliver the curriculum remotely.
Schoolbag simplifies the way you and your staff exchange information and messages with parents. Spend less time emailing and more time educating.
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Why use Schoolbag?

For parents

The modern parent is busier than ever, and keeping on top of school life is a constant challenge. Schoolbag helps your parents stay organised and up-to-date with the latest information from your school.

For teachers

Take the fuss out of setting and marking homework. Simply upload work via the Schoolbag online portal and it's instantly available for parents to access via the Schoolbag mobile app.

For schools

Make sure you reach parents  in a way that's convenient for them. With Schoolbag, you can manage your communications in one place and distribute information instantly to the whole school.

Get everyone aligned

A school is at its best when parents, teachers and leadership are all on the same page, working as a team. But to achieve this, everyone needs to be talking regularly, which can be time-consuming via email and letters.

Schoolbag is the new way to drive better, more effective engagement with a generation of parents that use platforms like WhatsApp, Skype and Twitter every day.

Start your free 30-day trial today

Stay prepared

We're all hoping that we never again see school closures due to COVID-19, but if 2020 has taught us anything it's that preparation can make all the difference.

Schoolbag can play a pivotal role in delivering a remote learning strategy that supports parents with all the materials and information they need.

In a four-week pilot during lockdown, Schoolbag was able to help the parents of one infant school complete 3,000 pieces of homework with over 10,000 messages being exchanged with teachers.

Learn how Schoolbag helps you respond to COVID-19

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Frequently asked questions

How does Schoolbag help with the temporary continuity directions of the Coronavirus Act 2020?

From 22nd October, the Coronavirus Act 2020 will require schools to provide a remote education to pupils unable to attend school due to Coronavirus. To learn more about how your school can use Schoolbag to remain compliant, please read more here

Can you tell me about the security measures you take to keep our data safe?

We use an enterprise grade cloud infrastructure that implements SSL certification for data transfer and a data store that is both encrypted and regularly backed-up.

We take the responsibility of handling your data very seriously and are constantly reviewing our security measures to ensure you are kept safe.

What is your approach to GDPR compliance and privacy?

We treat the information you provide us in accordance with the 2018 General Data Protection 2018 (EU GDPR). Your data is only used for the purposes for which you give explicit consent. We do not share your data with third parties.  

Who can see the data I upload on to Schoolbag?

Schoolbag has three tiers of permission:

Your admin(s) can see all the information in your Schoolbag account and have the permission to add or remove teachers, pupils and additional administrators. This role would normally be assigned to your IT coordinator (or the person you put in charge of overseeing Schoolbag).

Your teachers can only see the pupils, work and posts for their classes or groups. They will not be able to access account level information such as billing.

Parents can only see their own child's work and posts assigned to their child.

It is important to us that the people you add to Schoolbag only see what they are supposed to and it goes without saying, but none of the data you provide is publicly accessible.

How difficult is it to get Schoolbag running in my school?

We know your time is valuable, so we've made the onboarding experience as frictionless as possible.

After you sign up to Schoolbag, we'll need you to add your classes, teachers and pupils. If you have this information to hand, it shouldn't take you more that 10 minutes (we've timed ourselves and have done it in as little as 5 minutes).

Once you have this information on Schoolbag, you'll just need your teachers to start adding some homework, and maybe a post or two, before parents can start using the apps.

Can our teachers differentiate homework for pupils using Schoolbag?

Yes. By default, Schoolbag offers you the ability to set homework for a whole class but with Groups, you can specify custom lists of pupils to be assigned homework and information updates.

How do I invite parents to join Schoolbag?

Once you've added your pupils, their parents will be sent instructions to download the Schoolbag app for iOS or Android before they can sign in and start using the app to complete homework and view posts.

Does Schoolbag create more work for my teachers?

Quite the opposite. With schoolbag, your teachers can quickly upload all the homework for a week and see the completed work coming back in one place. They can then reply to each piece of work, answer questions and provide feedback.

The availability of Schoolbag as both a mobile app and an online experience mean teachers can choose to interact on a school computer, their home computer or their mobile device, whatever fits around their schedule.

There has never been a faster, more intuitive way for teachers to send and receive the work they set their class.

What if some of my teachers have children that attend the school?

It's a pretty common occurrence that we have taken account of. You simply invite your teacher as a parent and they will be able to experience the Schoolbag app as both a parent and a teacher, with the correct access to the information the should be seeing.