Stay prepared for COVID-19

Schoolbag has been developed to help your school deliver a planned and well-sequenced curriculum to your pupils remotely, in line with the temporary continuity directions of the Coronavirus Act 2020.
According to the new directive, schools need to provide a remote education that:
How Schoolbag can help you address these requirements:
Provides interaction, assessment and feedback.
Teachers can use the Schoolbag messenger to respond quickly to questions and provide feedback on completed work via their mobile device or online.
Is high quality, safe and aligned as closely as possible with in-school provision.
Teachers can easily upload their lessons or homework to Schoolbag with documents, videos and images. This work can then be categorised by subject, week and pupil group to deliver the same plan as in school.
Provides meaningful and ambitious work for pupils each day
Schoolbag has been built to deliver a high volume of well structured work in a consumable manner. We want parents spending more time supporting their children with remote learning and less time searching for the information they need.
Considers the age, stage, development or SEN of the pupil
Pupils can be grouped on Schoolbag at a granular level, meaning learning can be differentiated for as many or as few students as required (even a single pupil in a class).
Avoids an over-reliance on long-term projects or internet research activities
For teachers, lessons and homework are quick to add and manage in Schoolbag, with a range of options for outlining what needs to be done (text description, documents, links, video and images). This granularity and speed allows a well-paced curriculum to be delivered on a daily basis without a significant amount of independent research to be undertaken by parents or pupils.

Get Schoolbag today and deliver a remote learning experience that supports parents with all the materials and information they need minimise disruption to their child's education.

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